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Break down the walls to your past with WHB Research’s genealogy services. Sit back and have a dedicated historian extend your family tree, solve family mysteries and etch your story into the record for generations to come.

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WHB Research is spearheaded by author/researcher William Hastings Burke. Over 20+ years, William has made a habit of solving history’s seemingly unsolvable cases. He has become the go-to historian to the pros, from documentary makers to the biggest ancestry platforms. Now you can have William uncover your family history, whether it be a big family mystery, a single gap in your tree or a complete family narrative through the Your Story project.

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Uncover your European roots, solve adoption mysteries and track down long lost relatives with a trusted expert on the ground.

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Explore your Polish ancestry across the rich cultural tapestry of Poland, from Catholic and Jewish Poland to German and Austrian roots in Poland.

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Trace your German and Austrian ancestry, including the former German-speaking regions of Silesia, Galicia and East Prussia.

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You don’t need to be a celebrity to find out ‘Who Do You Think You Are’. Now you can get the celebrity treatment have an historian bring your family history to life in your own interactive web documentary. →So, what’s your story?

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William Hastings Burke brought the story of anti-Nazi crusader Albert Goering to the world in his book Thirty Four – which is set to be made into a feature film. Over 20+ years, he has cracked other big cases in history, through journalism and TV to special cold-case projects for the biggest ancestry platforms. Whenever there’s a case too difficult, they turn to William.

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