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Thirty Four

The Key to Göring's Last Secret

Delivering the kind of must-read story that turns history on its head, Thirty Four gives us a new WWII hero: Albert Göring. Strap in. This is more than an Albert Goering biography. It’s a journey across time, continents and families. Jump on the road with William as he tracks down the Göring that history forgot.

Thirty Four by William Hastings Burke

'William Hastings Burke tells the remarkable story of two very different brothers.'


Amidst the downfall of the Third Reich, the golden boy of Nazism, Hermann Göring, looks set to succeed as Führer. But his bid for power ultimately ends in a jail cell in Nuremberg. And there history signs off on the Görings.

Yet buried in the footnotes sits the extraordinary story of Hermann’s little brother, Albert Göring. A defiant anti-Nazi, Albert Göring spent the war years busting the persecuted out of concentration camps, smuggling them across borders and funnelling aid to refugees throughout Europe. He did everything to undermine his brother’s regime.

But by 1944 the Gestapo were hunting him down like a dog. Did Hermann step in and save his brother?

Enter William Hastings Burke, a twentysomething from Sydney, Australia, who stumbles upon the key to Göring’s last secret, the original list of thirty-four witnesses penned by Albert’s own hand in Nuremberg. Shelving plans for a Ph.D., William sets off on a three-year odyssey across eight countries and three continents to piece together the puzzling life of Albert Göring.

There to guide him are the tattered pages of Albert’s list, along with those within who bear testimony to Albert’s heroism.

Forget staid biography. Think seat-of-your-pants travelogue mixed with a Spielberg eye for storytelling and you start to get a taste for the energy William brings to the page.

Thirty Four

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Hermannns Bruder: Wer war Albert Göring
Hermanns Bruder
Thirty Four by William Hastings Burke


Lista Göringa
Author of Thirty Four

William's story...

Born in 1983, William Hastings Burke grew up on the shores of Sydney Harbour. He studied Economics (Soc.Sc.) (Hons) at the University of Sydney and planned to pursue a PhD until Albert Göring turned his life (and history) on its head.

Hungry for more answers, William moved to Freiburg, Germany, where he began a three-year journey to piece together the puzzle of the Göring brothers. He travelled the world, digging through archives and tracking down witnesses to Albert’s story.